We're doing some Rubbish branding


We helped Operation Orphan create a new brand for their latest initiative, Rubbish Science; an innovative teaching programme that helps communities learn how to turn rubbish into useful stuff.

When we got the call saying that something was brewing at Operation Orphan that might need our attention we were prepared for anything. Except designing a logo about rubbish.

After some very useful explanation we set out some very early ideas, which to be honest were pretty rubbish. This wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought! Thankfully Brad, from Operation Orphan popped down to brief our design team and after half an hour of face time the great ideas were flowing. As usual though, we barely had time to get it down on paper before they needed to use it!

The concept that the guys at the charity liked the best was created by Craig . It’s simplicity an easily recognisable retro plastic fizzy pop bottle captures one of the experiments from Rubbish Science and ties in with the hand-drawn style of the main charity. It can also easily be translated into different languages, which is super-important for a charity working across the world. Well done Craig!

We help Operation Orphan plough every penny from their donations into project work by giving them free design. If you’re a designer and you have a few spare hours a month then why not think about being part of the creative support team. We would love to be doing more and your time could help Brad and the team in so many ways.

Contact us to find out what’s involved.