What's the point of a Wonderwall?


Imagine if you could take that long white corridor in your school and create a learning wall filled with revision facts for your GCSE students. We think you should be able to so we created Gridlock Maths.

The impact of this wall graphic engages students with key learning facts at the same time as improving the aesthetic of the space. And it doesn’t just stop at Maths - we designed Gridlock to be a flexible design that can be adapted to suit whatever information a school might need.

Break out of the classroom

Everywhere you look in your school building you will find opportunity to break teaching and learning out of the classroom and elevate education to be as imaginative and inspiring as it should be. Corridors can stop being so boring and can become journeys through time, revision walls or art installations. When walls and floors are your canvases there is no limit to the amount of ideas for what can be done with them. 

Education first

Demonstrating the kind of education that you are delivering is very important. With this in mind, every Wonderwall is designed around an aspect of teaching and learning. Our walls encourage the love of reading, the discoveries of science, mathematics, and the globe. The visual impact of these walls pulls in and engages all learners at all levels, showing inclusivity in the curriculum.


As well as subject content, Wonderwalls can be used to encompass other aspects of your school, too, such as tolerance, respect, health, physical and emotional well-being and so much more. Inspiring students goes far beyond the classroom – an inspired young person will transfer this engagement to the outside world, carrying on their learning beyond your gates.


What can you do?

So get creative. Ditch your static, hard-to-keep-updated noticeboards and rethink what you can be doing to make your environment an exciting place to learn. All visitors, from parents to inspection teams will see this, too, and will appreciate the effort you have made to foster lifelong learning.