We're hoping this brand is a runaway success


When the guys from Operation Orphan called to say that they needed help creating 'some kind of logo' for their extreme fundraising running tour we were more than happy to help and immediately scheduled some time to make it happen.

The challenge

The Hope Alive Tour will feature a dozen runners who will do a 650-mile relay run between multiple locations, starting in the UK and finishing in Africa. The tour needed a brand presence that could incorporate the Operation Orphan (OO) logo, communicate the tour name and quickly convey something about the essence of the tour itself.




The solution that was quickly settled on was a self-contained logo in the shape of a running shoe, which neatly contains all of the relevant brand elements.  We used the shoe tread to incorporate a stylised map of each country, adding an extra layer of discovery to viewers of the brand as they discover more about the tour.  

Ready, set, GO!