From blank wall to Wonderwall


Every wall is a blank canvas


I remember the moment that the Headteacher, Mark Mitchell, took me to the slightly scuffed, nearly thirteen metre long wall that had been recently completed in his school and asked the question that sends my ideation into overdrive: “What would you do here?” The wall was nothing more than a very large, very white wall. It was crying out for our bespoke wall graphic treatment and the perfect starting point for us.

We had a brief chat standing there in the corridor with children milling around and anded up talking about values. “Values are at the heart of everything we do here” Mark said. The school were big on values-driven learning and after talking it became clear that this could be a great place to promote them, as long as the end result went deeper than just putting some words on a wall. Ideas were starting to flow.


A design that meets the brief


After some further discussion and early concept work we landed on a design that struck the right balance while reflecting the school’s brand. The values were placed high on the wall in subtle relief. The key messages and large images of both local and global values ‘champions’ were at the children’s height and sure to make an impact as they traverse the corridor every day.


There are three things that make a project like this a success; 1. a client that know who they are and can trust us to express this creatively, 2. clear communication and 3. a good sense of the space itself.

Because Mark had already thought about the kind of message he wanted we were easily able to create something unique that met his requirements on images, tone and impact. Communication was straightforward throughout with clear feedback.

It was also important as a creative to stand in the space and talk about ideas. There’s nothing quite like being there, talking with the client to get a real sense of what would work and what wouldn’t. The flow of traffic, the lighting, the approach and the way the space reveals itself all feed into the creative process and guide the initial ideas. It then makes it much easier to work with the client to turn these into vivid reality.

Jez Currin

If you have a space that you need to give the Wonderwall treatment then please do get in touch.