The Brief


At Cranmore school we helped to conceive and create a music-themed collection of wall art that will inspire students at the school for many years to come.

Our brief was to translate the music of Carnival of The Animals from Saint Sans into a series of designs that could be used to create an identity for the Juniors’ area within the school. Of particular importance was creating a style that suited the school identity and was age-appropriate.


The Result

The final designs are rich in both musical references and graphic subtlety. Every part of the suite was translated onto one or more wall spaces. With such an understanding client we were able to bring additional ideas into each design, including hiding musical easter eggs, getting creative with referencing the instruments, and finding areas where the animals could interact with the physical surroundings to add some fun. How many ideas can you spot?


The Impact

We are thrilled that the school now has a long-lasting resource that inspires children and visitors every day, immediately becoming a positive part of the school’s story. It is a daily reminder of their mission to make education about more than simply what is taught in the classroom and we are extremely privileged to have played our small part in bringing that to life.


"I am thrilled with the artwork and how already it has had such an impact on the Junior Department. Last week, we had a themed week on the Carnival of the Animals, which was so successful and it enabled everyone to see all the artwork and understand the meaning of it and why we have it! Children, staff and parents are in awe of it and agree how inspiring the artwork is, making the school brighter and more attractive. One staff member this morning commented on how calming it is and I totally agree."

Fiona, Head of the Junior Department




Feeling Inspired?