The Brief


“Our walls are so sterile. What can we do?”

What could we do with vast expanses of white walls and a very loose brief? The answer was to visit the school, identify a space to start with and, through patient exploration of ideas and message, create a unique piece that represents DLD's location, aspirations, and diversity that has become a much-loved part of their identity.

Watch the video to see the project unfold.


The next bit.

Following on from the initial skyline graphic the college were keen to roll out some of the other ideas that we presented when we first met. Our Wondwall designs gave them the perfect starting point. By using the unique plan of their building we created a series of shapes to help define zones, keeps costs down and stop the graphics from overpowering the corridors.

Working with the faculty leads we created the right level of content so that these giant wall graphics can serve as learning walls as well as looking awesome. Stand-off lettering enhanced the overall effect and helps everyone navigate through the building.


Phase three.

“What can you do in here that combines food, our brand and our international students?”

As it turns out, we can do plenty. After pitching three starting points the college asked us to develop this design that links ingredients to countries from around the world with a blend of illustration and photography. We covered both the wall and the office windows that look out onto the refectory so that they didn’t spoil the overall effect. Of course, we used one-way vision so the view is not compromised.


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