Regain control of your identity


What is branding?


Imagine someone you know.

You know who they are by what they look like, how they dress, how they do their hair. If they are a close friend you might even recognise a whole bunch of smaller details like the way they walk or talk. An organisation needs to create a similar way of being recognised. This is their brand, or identity.

Developing an identity for a school uses exactly the same principles and asks the question: how do we want people to see us? Instead of facial features and hairstyles, you will use typefaces and create memorable logos. How you talk and your ‘clothes’ (colour palettes, imagery and other graphics that suit you well) are important to get right too.


It’s all about you.


We love helping schools to find, develop or refine their identity that helps them to stand out and be the best they can be. We offer three levels of school branding to suit your needs:


Update your brand.

Your existing logo is given a fresh start. We give it to our talented design team who update it whilst retaining it’s essence before giving it back, sparkling and ready to use.

Expand your brand.

If you have an established logo but no accessories to put with it then we take it shopping and send it back with a whole bag full of matching stuff that makes it feel a million dollars.

Create new brand.

If you’re starting something new but have nothing wear then we will create a new look that captures your personality and values. Perfect for any school, academy or MAT.


“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Paul Rand


Your brand is safe with us.

A strong brand will help you to stand out and ensure that your own individuality is expressed and reflects your blend of values, ethos, personality and strengths. We have been delivering exceptional brand identities for schools and trusts for many years. Whether you need to develop your existing school brand, require ongoing support or need a logo for an academy we can help ensure that you find the perfect identity.


Not sure? 


Request a free brand consultation to discover how we make the whole process super-easy for schools.