Our mission is to make every school the most creative, imaginative, inspiring place to be.

Set your walls free


You see walls.
We see potential.


Inside every school is an endless supply of canvases that can be maximised to inspire, educate and improve the experience of your students, staff and visitors. We love creating new and exciting ways to bring ideas and messages to life and have no shortage of ideas to suit all budgets.

Whether you have expansive white walls or victorian brickwork we can create compelling, robust and unique graphics that get your students excited and leaves your visitors impressed.

Discover how we can help to make your school an inspiring place to learn in.

Education goes beyond the classroom with
inspiring wall and window graphics. 


Flexible signs

We understand that education can be fast-paced and full of change. When we sit down to design internal spaces for schools we start with this in mind. School leaders need a whole range of ways to present their message so we always look for the right blend of permanent and flexible solutions that are easy to update, providing greater long-term benefits. Some popular options are:


Tension fabrics


Get the look of a solid sign but retain the ability to update your images at minimal cost and hassle. Available with or without illumination.

Magnetic displays

Our magnetic display boards off an amazing blend of value and flexibility that can be installed around more permanent displays or learning walls. Perfect for photo boards, quotes and values.



Internal banners are a great way for schools to create low-cost impact without compromising on design or message.


Add your own personality

With unique designs that get your students thinking

School way finding sign, school door sign

Signs that direct

Moving visitors and students around your site efficiently is a vital function of way-finding signs. We love solving complex logistical problems with great design and careful placement. We also enjoy the challenge of clearing a path through the myriad choices to provide each school with a system or solution that provides the best value for their needs.

Build your brand.

Your school interior provides countless ways to reinforce your brand message, from sharing your mission and values, to telling your history or celebrating stories and accomplishments from your alumni. Whatever the story you need to tell don’t waste the opportunity that your building provides to get your message our there.


Take them a world away

Create a school learning environment that your students will never forget.


Spark their imagination.

The imagination is an amazing aid to learning and we love creating areas that allow children to fire it up and travel to far-away places. Our team of designers, project managers and illustrators know exactly how to bring ideas to life, whatever the space, allowing you the opportunity to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary areas that foster fertile imaginations.

For students in the lower phases creating an immersive environment can be immensely valuable. We get so excited when we have the opportunity to create these spaces where students’ imagination can be let loose and love seeing the amazement and wonder on their faces when they see their school transformed.

Let us show you what you could do in your school today.