Make the right first impression


Every sign represents your brand.


Make sure it’s saying the right thing.

How many times have you been somewhere new and didn’t know where you were meant to go, or worse still, couldn’t even find the place? How did you feel when you arrived? Or maybe you found the place just fine but everything that you walked past just felt tired and mis-matched. Are your visitors seeing or feeling the same thing?

We design and install signs that say ‘Welcome’.

school totem sign.png

Signs with impact

Your building can be used to bring your identity to life with signs that make a statement. Get your message out there with clarity and improve your environment at the same time. Whatever you to to be unmissable your school buildings can provide the perfect opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and get your message across from a distance.


Signs that direct

Moving visitors and students around your site efficiently is a vital function of way-finding signs. We love solving complex logistical problems with great design and careful placement. We also enjoy the challenge of clearing a path through the myriad choices to provide each school with a system or solution that provides the best value for their needs.


Signs that identify

When you hear the phrase ‘Golden Arches’ you know exactly what fast-food company is being talked about. Signs play an important role in identifying your physical location to visitors, providing reassurance that they are in the right place by saying ‘hello’ from a distance. We have a proven track record of designing and installing all types of external brand and entrance signs, from simple-but-effective, to the highest quality illuminated lettering and logo signs.


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