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Our Story


The Media Collective was established in 2003 by Matt Wattis and Jez Currin to provide affordable graphic design to small businesses. It grew from an attic office to a garage to our current location in The Piggeries, a converted pig shed on a farm in Coleshill where we now employ a team of amazing, hard-working, fun-to-be-around people who make the magic happen.

Ben Wattis came on board early in the journey to set up a large-format print department, which grew quickly and continues to be an unlimited source of new ideas for us.

In around 2010 we decided to focus on what was quickly becoming a new area of expertise and passion for us: the education sector.

Today we operate as a core team that exists to help schools become the best they can be. We are connected to a wide group of freelancers that provide specialised skills where required. We own and make Inflow display boards and Wonderwalls and also birthed The Print Handbook - Hi Andy!

In 2017, in line with our values, we established a charitable trust, The Sponge, to provide a better way to give money away. We are very excited about seeing how this grows!


Meet our core team.