Our mission is to make every school the most creative, imaginative, inspiring place to be.

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Wonderwall™ is our range of highly effective, low-cost school wall graphic designs that provide the ability to easily transform your school into a 360° learning environment that inspires, educates and improves.

Every Wonderwall™ begins with one of our fully-considered designs full of informative content. It is then tailored to suit your exact space, budget and specification, meaning that every installation is completely unique.

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Blow minds, not budgets.


We make Wonderwalls t0…


Wonderwalls are designed to inspire both students and staff, and will create a great first impression to your visitors. We want to bring your corridors and classrooms to life with these spectacular graphics and create an environment that gets your students excited to learn.


We want to enrich your students learning. Each Wonderwall™ has a clear learning objective which increases the impact within your learning environment and gives you more for your money. Plus, you can tailor the information in each Wonderwall™ to suit your exact needs.


Whether you have a new-build or an older facility our beautifully detailed designs and myriad installation options make it easy to make immediate enhancements to both the inside and outside of your school site for less than you might imagine.


Bring your subjects to life.


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