Our mission is to make every school the most creative, imaginative, inspiring place to be.

Career Inspiration

What will your students become?

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Follow your dreams.


We want to encourage children to aim high with their future careers and help them to realise what it will take to achieve their dreams.

We made this Wonderwall™ to open the eyes of younger students to all of the amazing things they could become. There are so many career paths your students could choose - introduce them to some fun and exciting ones with this light-hearted Wonderwall™ design. Get your classroom thinking about what they want to become when they grow up.

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Choose the careers to inspire your school children with from our list or; if you have a specific career that you would like us to illustrate then get in touch. Our current roster includes: Astronaut, Doctor, Explorer, Fire Fighter, Chef, Zoo Keeper, Athlete and Artist.

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Your pupils aspirations will always be changing so we want your graphics to be able to change to. With our Magnetic Board option you can easily switch graphics in seconds. One day you can be training doctors, the next day astronauts!

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A helping hand.

Customise this Wonderwall with advice about how to achieve each career. Introduce your classroom to the kind of soft skills that would help them get into these different lines of work. Alternatively, you could add some top tips for subjects that will help them get into that industry or simply add some fun facts - the choice is yours!

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