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A learning wall for your GCSE students.


Break the revision gridlock


Gridlock is a multi-faceted Wonderwall™ that is full of engaging and informative images, facts, quotations and figures for any subject.

This will not only look great in any space but it will also act as a learning wall for your GCSE students as it contains revision facts for your students to learn.

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Gridlock is one of our most versatile designs.

You can choose the information you want to portray which means this graphic can be used for any subject. Whether you want to share mathematical diagrams, historical artefacts or classic pieces of literature Gridlock is the perfect Wonderwall for you.

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A personal touch.

Gridlock is the perfect graphic for displaying a large range of information. It is excellent as a learning wall full of the key facts for your students to take in. To make Gridlock truly bespoke you can provide us with the facts, figures and diagrams you most want to see and we can integrate them into the graphic.

 Ordering couldn’t be easier

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