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Happy History

Who says history always has to be horrible?


Bring history to life


Bring this playful Wonderwall™ design to your school to introduce your students to the colourful characters of the past.

This charming design will walk your students through History; from Prehistoric man to present day. Happy History can be tweaked to perfectly fit your school’s needs. Our super-easy design process allows you to add your own facts and figures to the design and create a unique version just for your school.

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WW 1706 - Victorian Gif 1.0.gif

Go the extra mile.

This impactful Wonderwall provides an exciting extra in teaching your students about different time periods in human history. If you want to go more in-depth we can help you to add more characters and fun facts to create your perfect History learning wall.

What characters would you add?

Just get in touch to let us know which characters would make your perfect History Wonderwall!

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Facts are fun!

A key ingredient of every Wonderwall is a clear learning objective because we want every Wonderwall to be useful. With that in mind, we offer the option of adding some fun facts to this design to make this a truly valuable teaching aid.

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