A flexible, fully customisable design.




Inspire your students with this modular Wonderwall display.

Choose the quotes and people you find most inspiring and frame them within this bold Wonderwall. 

The Modular pattern allows you to modify this design to suit any space and you can choose the colours to match your schools brand or environment.  

WW 1807 - Composition 1.1.jpg

Choose your favourite quotes…

WW 1807 - Image Row 3.1.jpg
WW 1807 - Colour GIF 1.1.gif

Any colour.

Modular allows your to easily choose a colour scheme that suits your school and environment. Whether it's matching the palette to your school's brand, or selecting colours to fit your environment, get in touch to discuss how to get the most from your Modular Wonderwall.


…and the people who inspire you the most

WW 1807 - Image Row 2.1.jpg

Any composition.

One of the great things about the Modular Wonderwall is how easy it is to achieve a unique composition for your school. You can be certain that no one else has a learning wall quite like yours. Modular is so versatile that we are confident that we can make Modular look great in any school environment.

WW 1807 - Composition 1.1.jpg
WW 1807 - Composition 2.1.jpg
WW 1807 - Composition 3.1.jpg

 Ordering couldn’t be easier