Our mission is to make every school the most creative, imaginative, inspiring place to be.

Great Thinkers

Fill your walls with world-changing ideas.


What’s the big idea?


Help your students to see the bigger picture.

Where would we be without the greatest minds inspiring us to think about the world differently? This Wonderwall seeks to shine it’s own light on some of the greatest luminaries throughout the ages and share the best ideas in the world with your students.

We have researched and illustrated a wide range of great thinkers so you can fill your corridors with their ideas, their quotes and their life stories that can ignite your student’s imaginations.

WW 1812 - Mirror 1.0.png

Make it personal.

We’ve thought of lots of ways to make this Wonderwall inspire your students to have their own great ideas.

Idea #1

Include a mirrored section within the graphic and add a caption that speaks directly to your students, reflecting their image back and making them part of the design.

What would you do?


Powerful ideas in a flexible design.


Great ideas have the power to change the world, and our design has the power to change your school. If you are on a tight budget then our design is good to go as it is, just tell us what colours you want, change the odd bit of text and you’re done. If you want to take it to another level then we can illustrate your favourite ‘greats’ and their ideas to create your perfect great thinkers learning wall.


It’s easy to install this in your school.