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Promote literacy in schools.

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Read More


Read More is a fun and engaging series of posters that depict various characters as they are engrossed in a good book.

The colourful backgrounds, enchanting illustrations and whimsical headlines capture something unique about each one and encourage both boys and girls to 'read more'.

This design can be customised to suit any wall or window and is available in a wide range of options, including paper posters.

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Add some character.

Enjoy a spell of reading with a witch or enjoy an epic read with a viking - we've got a huge selection of fun and whimsical characters to choose from including: robots, mermaids, explorers and astronauts - so there is something for everyone!

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“We couldn't be happier with our Read More Wonderwall. It's great to see it inspiring our students and it looks amazing!”

Sydney Stringer Primary


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