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Bring your subjects to life.




Blueprint brings your subjects to life through a collage of exquisitely detailed and informative illustrations.

Use the English Blueprint design to challenge your students to take on the literature classics. Mix up your Mathematics classroom with a design that combines mathematics at work in the natural world with theoretical equations, diagrams and principles. Bring Science to life with the biology, chemistry and physics Blueprint designs.

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We are always updating our Blueprint collection with more images and subjects.
Below are some of the subjects we have covered so far, but keep an eye out for more coming soon!


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Show mathematical principles at work with this Mathematics Blueprint Wonderwall that shows your students mathematics at work in the natural world.  Combining diagrams, illustrations and equations, this eye-grabbing Wonderwall will help to show the real depth of mathematics and it's less obvious applications - a great way to spark your students interest.

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Show the staggering depth of the sciences using this Science Blueprint Wonderwall. Not only does this design look stunning, it also shows a wealth of scientific diagrams, equations and facts. Separate this design into Biology, Chemistry and Physics or combine them to make a truly engaging learning wall - we can tailor these designs to suit your space and your students.

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The English Blueprint is the perfect learning wall to start a discussion with your students. Challenge them to complete the titles of these iconic pieces of literature and start a discussion about the symbolism behind the related illustration. This design will get your students thinking about the broader context of English language and literature.