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Traditional Tales

What can your students learn from traditional tales?



What can your students learn from traditional tales?

What can these fanciful characters teach us about each our actions and our world? With the Traditional Tales Wonderwall you can transform your school and bring these age-old tales to life.

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Share the stories you love.

Looking for a starting point? Try these six classic stories.


Compliment your curriculum.

Children in Early Years settings love to learn about these timeless tales. Now they can feel like they are part of the story every day. Our Traditional Tales learning wall helps your children continue thinking and talking about the lessons that you are teaching from these classic stories every day.

We tailor every Wonderwall to suit your space and requirements, from full-coverage wall vinyls to magnetic boards and posters. We have tons of ideas about how you can get the most out of this design so that it works for you, so start a conversation today about how you can make your learning spaces work harder to inspire your children.

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