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Add some harmony to your music corridors.


The evolution of music


What is the Wonderwall about?

The aim of this wonderwall is to show how music has changed and adapted over the years due to factors like the creation of new instruments. It should showcase the famous artists/composers from each musical era and in some way provide the means of listening to their music. The waveform design helps represent the rise and fall of each era.

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Waveform as a learning wall.

What will students learn from this Wonderwall?

Students will learn about the various musical eras and what defines them. Each era should include things such as:

  • A description of what the era is

  • Famous artists/composers

  • Famous pieces of music with QR codes that link to something that lets you to hear it, maybe even a physical button that you press that plays it?

  • Instruments/techniques that were used to make music

Mockup showing music students engaging with wall.

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Deep musical knowledge

Introduce your students to a plethora of instruments and musical stylings. Show how it’s relevant today.

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