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 Welcome Wall

Create the perfect first impression.


Greetings from the world.


Bienvenue, Wamukelekile, 欢迎

Give visitors the warmest welcome to your school by greeting them in their native tongue. This design provides an excellent way for you to show your school's diversity and embrace other cultures. Create an inviting atmosphere for your students, new and returning, as they enter your school for a fresh term.

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Learning languages.

It is important that every Wonderwall we design has a clear learning objective: that's why we offer this version that will help to teach your students how to say welcome in other languages and start them on their journey to learning another language.

To get the most from your Welcome Wall we can customise it to show the languages that matter most to your school. Whether you want to use the Welcome design to reflect the diversity of your student body or to show the language classes that your school offers, we can assist you in customising this design to meet your needs.


Customise your inflow with our Welcome Pack


Add a splash of colour.

You are able to change the colour of any of our Wonderwalls to suit your school or space. You may wish to have the colours match your school brand and logo, or perhaps to suit the furniture in your reception: whatever your reason, we are here to help fulfil your vision. 

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Ordering couldn’t be easier

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