Our mission is to make every school the most creative, imaginative, inspiring place to be.

You Are Here

Travel the world in your school corridor.


A global perspective


Present the world like your students have never seen it before.

The world is a big place and textbooks can only go so far in showing this. Go super-sized and create an extra teaching space in your school with our dazzling, world map Wonderwall™ design. Our flexible design process gives you a choice of styles, the ability to adapt it to suit your school branding and lets you include your own extra information to keep your students engaged and inspired. How big will you go?

WW 1604 - Capitals 1.0.png

Learning walls.

One of the great things about our Wonderwalls is their versatility. You can personalise You Are Here to show the information most important to your students and change the colours to suit your brand.

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