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We think that schools should be the most fun, imaginative, inspiring places on the planet. Our mission is to make world-class design accessible to school leaders to help them improve their identity, their message and their environment in the pursuit of this goal.


We make Wonderwalls 



In the pursuit of making excellent design available to schools we developed the Wonderwall range, a collection of engaging designs for all phases that all share one aim; to inspire, educate and improve. We’re on a mission to make schools the most inspiring places on the planet!



Are your staff spending too long creating displays? Do you hate wonky as much as us? We make a range of flexible display boards that give you great looking displays in minutes, not hours. Just don’t spend all the time you save staring at how amazing your display looks.

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Exercise Books

When we designed our exercise books we started with the idea that every school is unique. That’s why our range focuses on the design first and allows you the option to design the kind of book that works for you. And of course, they all have our trademark quality and durability.

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Our team is a blend of highly talented people who have a wealth of experience to bring to any creative challenge. We love creating things from nothing, using lessons to improve new projects, and solving complex problems. You won’t find everything that we do on our website, but we hope it’s a good start. If you’re wondering if we can help, just ask.

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